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The €49 ticket for public transport in Germany to remain unchanged in 2024

In 2024, travellers can continue to enjoy the €49 public transport ticket. Introduced in April of the previous year, the Deutschlandticket has gained widespread popularity, with over three million people purchasing it within the first month of its launch.

Authorities hail the pass, which provides unlimited access to all local and regional public transport, as “the most significant public transport reform in German history”. The government has officially announced that the ticket will be available in 2024, and the price will stay steady throughout the year. Despite initial expectations of a price increase this month, the transport ministers of the 16 Länder have opted to transfer unused funds from 2023 to fund the program for the current year.
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What is Deutschlandticket?

Referred to as the “DßTicket,” this budget-friendly subscription is currently priced at 49 euros per month, equal to approximately 1.60 euros per day. It grants access to all city buses, metros, and trams within German municipalities, as well as short and medium-distance transport, including trains. Long-distance trains operated by DB Fernverkehr AG (including RE) or other providers like FlixTrain (IC, EC, ICE) do not accept it as valid.

In response to the challenges posed by escalating inflation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the association of German transport companies, VDV, introduced the monthly subscription as a successful follow-up to the €9 per month ticket trialed in the summer of 2022. This highly affordable subscription has gained immense popularity, with over 52 million tickets sold for travel during the months of June, July, and August.
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The association of German transport companies, VDV, claims to have saved approximately 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions during these three months. Although the long-term sustainability of the €9 price was questionable, the €49 ticket has gained immense popularity. In fact, its launch caused the Deutsche Bahn website to crash. Out of the 3 million people who purchased it in the first month, at least 750,000 had never previously bought a public transport pass.

The Deutschlandticket will stay steady throughout the year
The Deutschlandticket will stay steady throughout the year

An increase in the price of the ticket of 49 euros would be “absurd”

In the past year, proposals to increase the price faced strong political resistance. Nikolaus Gradl, the traffic expert for the Munich City Council, dismissed the notion of a price hike as “absurd,” stating, “For us, a price increase is not an option,” in an interview with Abendzeitung.

Currently, federal and state governments will persist in covering the deficit, providing relief against the challenges posed by inflation and rising material costs for public transit companies.
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What changes are the authorities considering for the Deutschlandticket

The ruling coalition is actively developing a “family-friendly rule” for Deutschlandticket holders. This proposed regulation would permit ticket holders to bring along another adult and up to three children aged between six and 14 during specific times. If approved by transport companies, this rule is expected to be applicable on weekends, holidays, and after 20:00 on weekdays, as reported by Euronews.