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Study claims that Pfizer’s Covid vaccine may not work as well if you’re fat

A study has been conducted that claims that Pfizer’s Covid vaccine may not work as well if you’re fat or overweight or obese, this is because fat/obese people make half as many antibodies after getting two doses.

Severely overweight/fat healthcare workers generated only half the antibodies to fend off Covid after receiving two doses of the Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, compared to healthy people. Daily mail UK reported that Italian researchers said obese people may need another top-up vaccine, or bigger doses, to protect them against the disease.

Severely overweight people are already considered to be more at risk of becoming critically ill or dying if they get infected. Scientists say this may be because they are more likely to have other conditions —such as diabetes and high blood pressure — that make them more vulnerable.

Experts today said it was also well known obesity — defined as having a BMI above 30 — hampers the effectiveness of jabs.

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Previous research has suggested the flu vaccine, which is dished out every winter, could be half as effective in severely overweight people too. Carrying added weight can lead to the immune system being constantly inflamed, impairing its function, according to experts.

In the study, 248 participants received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the Rome-based Istituti Fisioterapici Ospitalieri and scientists analysed their blood for levels of antibodies seven days after the second dose was administered.

Results showed that while those who were a normal weight had a high concentration (325.8), those who were obese had half this level (167.1), on average.

There are several other factors that may increase an obese person’s chance of falling seriously ill with coronavirus, including a lack of exercise. Studies have shown that physical activity increases the numbers of certain immune cells that help to bolster immune activity.  

Clogged up arteries also make it hard for blood carrying immune cells to pass through and repair cells around the body.  

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