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Photo of Kagame driving Morocco’s King to airport sends internet into frenzy

Many Africans on social media have gone crazy with excitement after Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame posted this photo of himself driving Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to the airport.

King Mohammed VI was in Rwanda for a state visit.


BBC reported that the two leaders were in the car alone for the 10-minute drive from State House to Kigali International Airport.

This is the first time an African head of State is seen doing such a thing.

Here are some of the reactions to President Kagame’s photo

“Proud of this simplicity. Proud of this image of Africa, by Africans, in Africa. Tomorrow will definitely be another day for our continent, and a brighter day.”

“My Lovely President! Can’t get words to express my feelings! Keep up! You are doing better to serve Rwandans and we are lucky to have you as ours.”

“That’s the coolest president Africa has ever had so far..”

“Great! This portrays how humble President Kagame is. Most of African presidents have “bossy” attitude.”

“A leader. One of very few in the world today. Enjoying vacation in Rwanda, a beautiful and well managed country. Rwanda is dignity.”

“Powerful and great son of the soil! Continue with your humility and taking care of the interests of the people of Rwanda. You are a unique species and deserves to be respected.”

“The flip side is not so pleasing as the King can only trust the president to drive him. Kagame needs to start mentoring other people to be like him to ensure continuity of his work and legacy.”

After this exceptional gesture, President Kagame should be prepared to do the same to all heads of State coming to visit Rwanda. He will be obliged to do so otherwise he will have a lot of explanation to do.

What do you think of President Kagame’s gesture?