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Pensions increase in Germany! ‘In 2022, pensioners will face a significant plus’

Pension increase in Germany: Finally there’s good news for pensioners in Germany. The president of the German Pension Insurance Association, Gundula Rossbach, informed about the expected “significant increase” – we read on the Business Insider portal.

Already next year there may be a significant increase in pensions in Germany – this is the result of the information provided by the president of the German Pension Insurance Association.

” I assume that the frozen increase will be supplemented to some extent next year and that there will be a big plus for retirees in 2022, ” Rossbach said. However, it is not known exactly what level of increases we can expect. Everything is expected to light up next spring – when the next wave of the pandemic will end.

Pensions in Germany: Huge Disproportions

There is a huge disproportion between the pensions of former civil servants and other professional groups. 82 percent of state pensions are less than € 1,500; in the case of retirement benefits for government officials at federal level, 95 percent of them are above € 1,500, notes the Business Insider.

Retirement in Germany: ‘Employers and experts request retirement age be raised to 70!’

One of the German parties calls for the reform of the pension system, following the example of the Austrian one. In Austria, all citizens pay pension contributions – and the pension itself is on average up to € 800 higher.

” If 82 percent of all pensions are below EUR 1,500, we have a huge problem, “ said RND Dietmar Bartsch, chairman of the parliamentary club of the Left party in the Bundestag, quoted on

Source: Business Insider