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DOn’t throw it out! Your old cell phone could be worth a fortune

These old cell phones are worth a fortune. Check if you have them

Old cell phones worth a fortune. Many old models of mobile phones have already reached collector’s value and can be worth several thousand euros. According to TECHBOOK, these 7 models are worth a lot. The phones do not need to be functional to fetch a high price at auctions. Here are 7 phones worth a fortune:

1. The first iPhone

The release of the first iPhone in 2007 was a real sensation around the world. You had to pay $499 for it. Collectors love this phone because it started a whole new era in the digital world. This phone costs from 1,000 to 3,000 euros on the eBay auction site.
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2. Nokia 3310

One of the best selling phones entered the market in year 2000. The Nokia 3310 was one of the first phones users could send long text messages on. In its original packaging, it is worth between 200 and 300 euros.

3. Nokia 8800 Sirocco

This Nokia model is an elegant variant of the Nokia 8800. The designer mobile phone from 2007 has become a coveted object among collectors. Although low prices are offered on auction sites, you can get several thousand euros for it. Value of this designer model is expected to increase again.

4. Samsung SPH-N270

From the beginning, the Samsung SPH-N270 has been a collector’s item for Matrix fans. Since 2003, the phone has doubled in value. If you still have this phone at home, list it on ebay and your sure to get a good sum for it.
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5. Nokia 8800 Arte Carbon

This mobile phone made an impression since entering the market in 2008 due to its high-quality materials such as titanium, carbon fiber and stainless steel. It was the premium version of the Nokia 8800. The timeless design of this precious mobile phone still makes your heart beat faster. Its price exceeds 1000 euros if still in the original packaging.

6. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000x is the world’s first true mobile phone. In 1973, a patent for it was registered and ten years later the phone went on sale for an astronomical amount of almost $4,000. The phones estimated valued is at several thousand euros.

7. Nokia 8110

This phone was made popular thanks to the movie “The Matrix”. The design and a completely new way of opening the mobile phone made it necessary to pay about 1000 euros for this phone. Currently, a phone can be sold for around 3,000 euros, but only if the phone is in its original packaging and has never been used. Second-hand models of this precious mobile phone are not so expensive anymore.