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New regulations for customers shopping at discounters in Germany

New regulations for customers shopping at discounters in Germany

News in Germany. New rules at German discounters. From September, customers can feel safer when shopping at German discount stores online.

More people are choosing to buy groceries online since the coronavirus pandemic, and so far customer rights have not been well protected online.

On September 1, 2022, an applicable EU law brought into line the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB).

This brought changes when shopping online like, monitoring of online trade in perishable food, cosmetics and other products.

There has been a basic problem with online grocery shopping in Germany, mostly the path of products from manufacturer to customer not sufficiently traced.

The implementation of the European regulation aims to better protect consumers, with surveillance authorities having the right to anonymously order goods for quality testing.

Beginning September 1st, product tracking information must be communicated to authorities electronically within 24 hours.

The changes are aimed at keeping track of the supply chains and preventing possible health risks for consumers. There will be powers to official control, in the event of suspected violations of applicable regulations by online stores.

Also its intended to make buying food online as safe as it is in brick stores. It will also reduce the deliberate deception of consumers by misleading or inappropriate product descriptions.

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