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Munich Airport cancels all flights after snowfall and freezing rain

Munich Airport snowfall

Munich Airport cancels flights: Facing a challenging Tuesday morning, Munich Airport has cancelled all flights with expectations of further disruptions throughout the day. The heavy snowfall over the weekend not only led to the airport closing but also caused major traffic problems in southern Germany, coinciding with the shutdown of Munich’s main train station.

As a precaution, authorities made the decision to halt takeoffs and landings from 6 a.m. until midday. This was because of the expected freezing rain overnight, creating safety worries for morning flights. The airport plans to remove ice from the runways in the first half of the day and hopes to start flights again around midday. However, ongoing safety concerns are likely to result in the cancellation of many flights throughout the day.

The authorities strongly advised travellers to check with their airlines for the latest flight information before heading to the airport. The closure directly affected at least 150 take-offs and 160 landings, impacting a total of 770 scheduled departure and arrival flights for the day. This added to the challenges faced by the airport due to the heavy snowfall in southern Germany over the weekend.

The bad winter weather had already caused problems with flights, leading to a suspension of activities on Saturday. Normal operations only resumed on Sunday, marking the persistence of tough conditions.
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Train connections also face disruptions as Munich Airport cancels all flights

The disruptions weren’t limited to the airport; train connections also faced significant challenges. Local trains, buses, and trams experienced disruptions, leading authorities in various areas to advise residents to stay at home for safety reasons.

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) acknowledged the challenges caused by heavy snow and frost over the weekend in a statement on Monday. The authorities warned passengers about significant restrictions on train traffic, with expectations that these limitations would last until at least Wednesday. In the greater Munich area alone, over 80 overhead line faults needed fixing on Monday.

DB reported the cancellation of all trains on major routes, including Munich to Salzburg, Munich to Innsbruck, and Munich to Lindau/Zurich. Additionally, only a few long-distance trains were running to Munich’s main station, where access was limited. The operator strongly recommended that potential passengers consider delaying their trips to and from Munich, emphasizing the ongoing disruptions and safety concerns.
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As Munich deals with the aftermath of heavy snowfall and freezing conditions, both the airport and transportation systems continue to face operational challenges, affecting the travel plans of many individuals. Efforts to restore normal conditions in the face of winter’s unrelenting grip will test the resilience of these systems.