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MP appears naked in the House of Commons, his camera was accidentally left on

In Ottawa Canada, a Liberal MP caused quite a stir when he appeared in the house of commons on Wednesday completely naked on camera during a questioning period.

Bloc Québécois Whip Claude DeBellefeuille first laid bare the incident when she interrupted the House of Commons’ proceedings asking speaker of the House, Anthony Rota, to intervene.

The House was reminded that since the beginning of the pandemic there have been rules addressing decorum when it comes to a dress code but a new record had been broken by the MP who showed up ‘in the simplest of attires, In other words, naked.’

There was a picture of the scene that revealed the perpetrator as Gatineau-area Liberal MP William Amos. He sent out a tweet in apology:

In the shot the MP appears completely naked thought he is covered by a strategically placed cellphone at the exact moment the screenshot was taken.

“Will, there’s a white dress in my office that you can have (warning: it caused a bit of a stir) if you’re really desperate for an “in case of emergency” outfit,” Conservative MP Michelle Rempel-Garner wrote on Twitter, referring to a sleeveless dress she once wore that earned her some sexist comments.

The MP was not aware that his camera was on as he stood next to his desk.

Source: National post