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Merkel, vaccine roll out has been slow, EU needs to increase production

Germany COVID vaccine: German Chancellor Angela merkel says the EU has been having an issue with coronavirus vaccine deliveries and the bloc might need to produce its own vaccines to deal with the high numbers of infection.

While speaking to parliament ahead of the EU summit, Merkel acknowledged that the vaccine roll-out in Germany has not gone at the anticipated fast pace.

” We can clearly see that British facilities are producing for Great Britain. The United States is not exporting, and therefore we are dependent upon what can be produced in Europe,” Merkel said.

It becomes important that European leaders plan to talk about how the bloc can ensure a steadier vaccine supply for the future.

Merkel told parliament that in addition to ensuring the EU has it’s own supply, it must also work with other vaccine-producing countries to ensure there’s enough vaccines available for everyone around the world who needs it.

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Germany, Fully vaccinate people to have more freedoms

This was in respect to a mutation occurring and starting the cycle again which leads to vaccines not being effective. Merkel cautioned that they were in the middle of a third wave of the coronavirus and there was perceived exponential growth.

Merkel urged Germans to get vaccinated as soon as they can and to use the coronavirus tests being provided as a “bridge” to help slow the spread of the virus until enough people have been vaccinated.

“The more that we test, the less we must restrict,” she said.

Source: DW