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Merkel plans for ‘light lockdown’ in Germany to contain pandemic

Lockdown in Germany: “Merkel is planning a light lockdown”, a general national quarantine, but in a mild version, the daily “Bild” reported on Monday.

According to Bilda, the head of the German government wants schools and kindergartens to remain open for as long as possible. 

Closures of educational and care facilities would only be suspended in areas with high levels of infection. Shops should also remain, but should apply more stringent sanitary restrictions. Bars, restaurants and cafes could be closed .

The decision to introduce a lockodown may already be taken on Wednesday , when the German chancellor will meet prime ministers of all federal states. 

Due to the avalanche growth of the coronavirus in Germany and in most European countries, the meeting of the head of government with representatives of the state authorities was sped up by two days.

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On Monday, the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced the second lockodown for the whole country. The decision to introduce restrictions depends on the number of coronavirus infections in the coming days.

In Germany, due to the large number of Sars-CoV-2 infections, lockdown was introduced yesterday in Germany in the Bavarian region. This time, the Rottal-Inn district in Lower Bavaria was subject to strict restrictions.

On Tuesday morning, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Germany during the last 24 hours increased by 11,409, and 42 deaths from COVID-19 were also reported. 

A day earlier, there were 8,600 new infections, almost three thousand less. The death toll increased by 42, up from 24 the day before.