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Merkel compels EU states to unity to curb fatal coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has been one that has shaken governments by storm, the virus remains at large and has now lead to a seeking for a new normal that prevents deaths, new infections and re-infections among people through rapid behaviour change. A lot of the UE countries are emphasising on the great effects of social governing measures but the virus is still proving adamant. In an address to the German Parliament recently, Chancellor Angela Merkel outlines the issues she believed would dominate Germany’s forth coming 6-month presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Merkel said the coronavirus represented the biggest challenge that the EU had faced in its history. The pandemic has revealed how fragile the European project still is and Europe has shown itself to be vulnerable. Cohesion and solidarity have never been as important as they are today. With Italy at first taking the greatest hit with the highest number of deaths this brought to light that Europe needs to take more responsibility globally. The built up façade that it can hold itself together was tested and it failed but it can still be regained. Ms. Merkel added that the spreading of information, or the lack of it, had posed a global challenge. This is an issues that needs solutions to right now before it affects the future.

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Merkel spoke ahead of an EU summit Friday that was expected to focus on settling the bloc’s budget in the years to come, as well as the bloc’s reconstruction program for the economy emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, Merkel told her conservative parliamentary group that she did not expect full agreement on either issue in the coming days. But, in the speech to the Bundestag, the chancellor said she did hope for final agreement on the recovery plan by the end of July.