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Masks in a car, in one state in Germany, are already MANDATORY

Masks in the car. Berlin is the first federal state in Germany to make a car mask compulsory. According to the German automobile club ADAC, this requirement also applies to private cars. Surgical or FFP2 masks are allowed. Masks are only optional in one case: if the driver and the passengers are members of the same household.

Important: the mask must be selected so that the face is recognizable! ADAC warns drivers that the police have the right to fine people who wear an inappropriate mask!

Please note that due to the inability to keep the required minimum distance of 1.5 meters in the car throughout Germany, it is RECOMMENDED to wear masks when driving with other people. We wrote about it HERE.

Face masks are mandatory nationwide when shopping in-store and using public transport. They are also necessary during driving lessons and during the driving test.

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Why introduce mask in the car in Germany?

Many drivers have the habit of hanging the mask on the rearview mirror. However, this is not a good place as it reduces the field of view. According to ADAC, masks, as well as hanging masks in the middle of the windshield, reduce the driver’s reflexes and may react more slowly to the behavior of pedestrians or cyclists.

Due to the lockdown all over Germany, which is valid until February 15, travel and visits to relatives should be limited to essentials. This also applies to  one-day trips. Additional restrictions are introduced in federal states with a high number of infections. They include, among others a ban on leaving the apartment without a valid, valid reason or / and introducing a curfew.

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