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Man licks ticket machine in Germany to spread coronavirus

A Man who shared videos online showing him licking a subway ticket machine in Munich to spread coronavirus – COVID-19 has been arrested.

In videos shared by the man online, the man can be seen licking subway ticket machines and handrails as well as the handrail of an escalator. He said he wanted to spread the coronavirus, news agency AFP reported, citing the police in Munich.

The man whose identity has not been disclosed, is in police custody and has been charged with grievous bodily harm. A spokeswoman for the police could not confirm whether the man was actually infected with COVID-19. She however confirmed that he had been administered a test.

By Monday evening there were 26,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Germany and 100 deaths.

Last Sunday Chancellor Angela Merkel announced drastic measures to help curb the spread of coronavirus in Germany.

Here is the new nine-point plan

• Public gatherings of more than two people have been banned except for families and those living together.
• All contacts with others must be reduced to a minimum.
• In public a 1.5-meter (4.9 feet) distance must be kept at all times.
• All gastronomy businesses ordered to close. Only businesses offering food delivery and collection are allowed operate.
• All business providing services such as hair-dressers, cosmetic, massage and tattoo studios where a 2-meter distance between people is not possible must close. The only businesses and centers allowed to remain open are those offering medical treatments.
• The new rules are to be enforced by police and other law enforcement agencies. They will be issuing fines for infractions of the new rules. Ms Merkel however did not disclose what the punishment would be for anyone not abiding by the new measures.
• In all workplaces hygiene regulations must be implemented for staff and visitors.
• Those commuting to work are allowed to do so. It is also allowed to help others and do exercises alone outside as long as the activities are carried out in abidance with the guidelines.
• The new measures will initially be in force for two weeks.