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Left-wing groups to hold Labor Day protests in Berlin. Location kept secret for now

Left-wing groups have called for a series of protests in Berlin to mark Labor Day on Friday (May 1st), when numerous demonstrations are usually held in the German capital to highlight workers’ rights, Agerpres reported.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a large traditional May 1 demonstration cannot take place in the Kreuzberg district, organizers wrote on a radical left-wing website.

But people should not “remain passive given the current racist, capitalist and patriarchal conditions,” they added, announcing that protests will take place in an area of Kreuzberg that will be revealed online on Friday morning.

“In this way, we can reduce the risk of infection and remain uncontrollable for the repressive apparatus,” the left-wing organizers wrote.

They asked people to cover their faces with scarves and masks and “flood” the streets with “content.” Fireworks will then be launched at 20:00 (18:00 GMT).

Eighteen demonstrations were recorded for Friday, Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel announced on Monday. It is still unknown whether they will be approved or not.

As part of the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, only demonstrations with up to 20 participants are currently allowed. From May 4, this number will increase to 50.