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Kindergeld Payment Dates in June 2024

Kindergeld – Child benefits in Germany. Kindergeld Payment in June 2024. From birth to at least 18 years old, child benefit helps support children in Germany. Families get 250 euros each month for each child. Because of technical reasons, child benefit is not paid on the same day for all families. Want to know when your June payment will arrive? We’ll tell you all the important dates.

Paying Child Benefit: What You Need to Know

Every family in Germany is entitled to child benefit, regardless of income. It is paid for all children up to the age of 18 and sometimes even up to 25. You can now easily apply for child benefit online through the Federal Employment Agency. The application is then sent to the Family Fund, which handles the payments. You can also claim child benefit retroactively, but the Family Fund will only pay for the last six months before you apply. So, how much is child benefit?

  • For 1 child: 250 euros
  • For 2 children: 500 euros
  • For 3  children: 750 euros
  • For 4 children: 1,000 euros
  • For 5 children: 1,250 euros

Payment dates in June 2024

Unfortunately, the process for Child Benefit (Kindergeld) payment is not as straightforward as other social benefits, which are typically transferred all at once. Child Benefit payment by the Family Fund is based on the child benefit number (Kindergeldnummer). This number determines the specific date each month when the child benefit is paid. Here is the date when Kindergeld from Germany will be transferred to your account in June 2024:

  • Last digit: 0 – 5 June
  • Last digit: 1 – 6 June
  • Last digit: 2 – 7 June
  • Last digit: 3 – 11 June
  • Last digit: 4 – 12 June
  • Last digit: 5 – 13 June
  • Last digit: 6 – 14 June
  • Last digit: 7 – 17 June
  • Last digit: 8 – 20 June
  • Last digit: 9 – 21 June