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‘It is too early for Germany to lift the lockdown’ – Prime Minister Markus Soeder

Restrictions in Germany: It is too early for Germany to lift the lockdown without exposing itself to the third wave of coronavirus infections, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soeder said on Sunday, referring to the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the leaders of the federal states to be held on Wednesday.

During Wednesday’s meeting, further decisions are to be made regarding restrictions in Germany related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think basically the current situation will have to be extended,” Soeder told public broadcaster ARD. “There is no point in just stopping it now. Imagine a situation like this: we open everything in one go, and then in two or three weeks we will be in a situation that may be even worse than today, ”he said.

“If we make a mistake now, we will have a third wave of contamination,” stressed the Bavarian leader. He added, however, that “after all, at Wednesday’s meeting it will be necessary to present some vision of exit from the lockdown.”

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Polskiobserwator reported that the current lockdown in Germany runs from mid-December and is valid until February 14. Schools and kindergartens are closed, as well as restaurants and pubs, theatres and operas, and much of the retail trade. There are exceptions to grocery stores and pharmacies.

All gatherings of the faithful in churches, synagogues and mosques, as well as in meeting places of other religious communities are allowed only under the following conditions: a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be kept, group singing is prohibited, medical masks must be worn.

Employers must enable their employees to work from home wherever conditions permit. Working from home should be possible until at least March 15. In addition, employers must provide their employees with medical masks if they still need to come to the office or factory.