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How to save your smartphone if you drop it in the toilet – VIDEO

If you have dropped your smartphone in the toilet, don’t worry. You may still save it but this depends on how fast you act.


In the following video produced by Minute Hacks, the speaker explains what you can do to save your phone after dropping it in the toilet. She reveals that 19% of the people drop their phone in the toilet. This shows that a huge percentage of people still carry their smartphones while sitting on the toilet.

The first thing you must do is to immediately snatch your phone out of the toilet. Please note that fast action will save your phone. And of course remember to wash your hands thoroughly using soap.

After removing your phone from the toilet please wipe it with an absorbent cloth or tissue.

If you have an iPhone, do not take the battery off since it will end your warranty.

Put the phone in a bag of uncooked rice and put it in a warm place like by the window. Then wait for 24 hours before removing the phone and turning it on.

If it fails to turn on after 24 hours, don’t worry. Some iPhone users report their phone taking up to a few days to rid itself of all the moisture and be ready for use again.

But if you have a Windows or Android phone, please remove the battery, any caps, lids, cases, etc. before putting it into absorbent rice. You are also advised to toss all the pieces into the rice.

Now watch the video for further guidance

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