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How German pensioners are saving on heating this winter

How German pensioners are saving on heating this winter

News in Germany. German pensioners saving on heating. With the rise in gas prices causing anxiety for all German Residents, pensioners have discovered an alternative way to survive the coming winter.

They decided to spend the cool months in southern Europe instead of spending money on heating. Travel agencies have prepared a wide variety of offers for long-term vacationers.

According to Patricia Sayed of the travel agency on Theaterstraße in Chemnitz, several customers have chosen to escape heating costs abroad. “Four weeks in Turkey all inclusive is definitely cheaper than turning on the heating. Added to this is rest, tan and relaxation “

Pensioners can spend six weeks in turkey for 1,261 euros, similar prices for Egypt and Tunisia as well. “I would like to spend the winter there and save on heating,” says the travel agency manager. Her clients both 80 years old from Chemnitz-Gablenz, planned their winter very meticulously.“A week’s river cruise in Switzerland, a two-week trip to Tenerife and six weeks in Turkey – we won’t be back until January 28th.”

Over the course of nine weeks, pensioners will spend about 7,800 euros “Attention, without heating and with full board”. “When your gas bill is up to four digits, cheap hotels are a better choice than your own home,” says the head of the travel agency.

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Source: TAG24