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Google Down: YouTube, G-mail and Drive don’t work today. Especially in Europe

Google services are down all over the world today. Many users report that common Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google drive and G-suite are reporting errors.

Over fifty thousand people have reported malfunctions today in regards to Google services starting from around 12:30. Many users of platforms such as You-tube, G-Mail and google hail from Europe and this is where most reports are coming from.

On Twitter , of course, the hashtags that denounce the anxiety of users without those tools they use most every day have become trending topics. #googledown has already collected almost 50,000 tweets in an hour, followed by #YouTubeDOWN and #gmaildown.

Google doodle dedicated to Anton Wilhelm Amo, First African student in European university

Google has become such a pillar of life such that their services being down even affects the homestead with services such as Google home that control most smart homes these days.

There is a loop in all this as some people have come forth saying that the services are still running while in incognito mode.

Source: ziarul Romanesc,