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Ghanaian teacher abandons sick student to die due to fear of COVID -19

The Ghana Education Service (GES) direct headmistress of KNUST Senior High School say they have stepped aside to let the police investigate into the matter of a teacher who abandoned a sick student to die due to fear of contracting COVID-19 in Ghana.

People created an uproar on social media over the issue as video leaked online. Social media users were left in shock when the videos went viral depicting the student screaming in pain but the teachers did not come to help.

The student had been suffering from severe stomach pains and was vomiting violently from around 3:00 pm on Tuesday.

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The boy had been on campus ground and when it became very severe were his parents called but he did not make it to the hospital in time and died on the way.

Students reported that despite calling for the attention of the teachers to take control of the matter they did nothing for close to three hours as the bot was writhing in pain.

Only when the parents were called to come take him to hospital was any attention given to him.

Students protesting the negligence expressed by the school destroyed school property which included the saloon car of the school headmistress.

They are also calling for a probe into the actions of the teachers and justice for the boy who was left to die due to fear of contracting the novel coronavirus.

Source: BBC News