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Germany: Woman in Helmstedt severely mutilated by man on honeymoon – he is her husband

The woman had to report the man who happened to be her husband to the authorities for operating on her.

A woman in Helmstedt reported her husband for having removed her hymen with craft scissors on her honeymoon mutilating her.

The woman’s husband is a gynaecologist. The man was accused of mutilating the woman’s female genitals and causing dangerous physical harm because he had used a pair of craft scissors to perform the operation.

The court responsible for the case in Helmstedt confirmed that the procedure had indeed been carried out on the woman.

The Braunschweig public prosecutor said that the gynaecologist is said to have performed the operation during their honeymoon without any anaesthesia.

The woman suffered immense pain and lost a lot of blood during the procedure, the reason: the 31-year old had to go through this painful process because she had been threatened with divorce and the associated cultural ostracism, said authority spokesman Hans Christian Wolters wrote t-online.

Genital Mutilation sentence: One year imprisonment

The public prosecutor’s office admitted that they had knowledge that the couple were both Germans with a migration background and that a criminal complaint by the woman had triggered the investigation.

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The court spokeswoman said that the prosecution has not yet been approved. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the doctor made use of his right to remain silent. Until a final conviction has been reached, the suspect is presumed to be innocent.

Th penal code states that such an offence requires a minimum sentence of one year for FGM. The Lower Saxony Association for Approval Granting (NiZzA) would be responsible for a possible decision to revoke the medical license.

Source: dpa