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Germany: When do schools and daycare centres open again?

There has been a debate over when do schools and daycare centres open in Germany due to the pandemic? This might be a hard bargain because there might also be an extension to March of the hard lockdown measures and face to face teaching is out of the picture.

Alternating classes are possible for the older age groups. In the case of daycare centres and primary schools, however, decisions should not be made purely on the basis of infection protection aspects, emphasised Karliczek. Careful political weighing is necessary here, reported Bild.

There has been hesitation to open schools that has been expressed by Bavaria’s prime minister Markus Söder especially with highs of up to 1000 deaths per day in Germany (we wrote about it here>>)

When do schools and daycare centres open again n Germany?

“Schools and daycare centers must not be opened too quickly. In view of the high numbers of infections, it would be irresponsible to simply send teachers and students back to school completely. 

It has been shown that infection and spread also take place in school. The risk is highest especially after the holidays. “