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Germany virus restrictions: Angela Merkel called for a significant reduction in private contacts

Germany virus restrictions: Chancellor Angela Merkel called on citizens to refrain from private celebrations and to drastically limit contact.

Despite the introduction of a partial lockdown in Germany on November 2 to add to Germany virus restrictions which we wrote about here>> , the epidemic situation has not improved significantly. The government wants further restrictions. However, they were not agreed during the conference between Chancellor Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states, which took place on November 16, 2020.

At the meeting, the Länder rejected further restrictions, such as the requirement for masks in all schools or even the stricter contact restrictions that Merkel had proposed. However, an agreement may be reached on November 25, when the federal government wants to present resolutions that will also apply at the turn of the year. “Many problems” need to be dealt with, underlined the Chancellor.

Germany coronavirus restrictions: The authorities are considering further restrictions

The only thing the federal and national governments could agree on Monday was to urgently call on citizens to significantly reduce private contacts again. This was called for by the chancellor after the conference with the prime ministers.

The chancellor justifies the federal government’s plans to limit contacts with still too many new coronavirus infections. At the meeting of the CDU presidium on Monday, Merkel hinted that the restrictions in force since the beginning of November have stabilised the situation. But that’s not enough. “The numbers are stabilising a bit. But too slow, said the chancellor.