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Germany: Vaccinations against Covid-19 as a condition for admission to concerts

One of the largest companies selling tickets in Germany, incl. for concerts – Eventim – wants the organisers of the events to be able to link the participation in concerts with vaccination against coronavirus – the German economic magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” writes on Wednesday.

Eventim boss Klaus-Peter Schulenberg said in an interview with the magazine: “If there are enough vaccines and everyone can be vaccinated, then private event organisers should also be able to introduce a vaccination requirement as a condition for admission to the event.”

Why would Germany need vaccination concerts admissions?

Schulenberg also explained that the technical requirements have now been met. “We have configured our systems so that they can read vaccination cards,” he said. “The sooner people are vaccinated, the sooner mass events can take place again,” he stressed.

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CTS Eventim is a German company based in Bremen, which in 2017 achieved sales of over one billion euros for the first time, with a profit of more than 100 million euros.

The economic activity of CTS Eventim includes the production, brokerage, sale and marketing of tickets for concerts, theatre performances, artistic, sports and other events, as well as their planning, organisation and implementation.

The company has sales systems and online stores, incl. in Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Poland and Hungary.