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Germany: More than 10,000 people vaccinated with saline – now the state offers compensation

Germany: More than 10,000 people vaccinated with saline. Following the vaccinations, the state of Lower Saxony and the district of Friesland offer compensation to the more than 10,000 people affected.

Those who have to repeat a vaccination will receive an allowance of 35 euros, while those who have to be re-vaccinated twice will receive 50 euros, the Friesland district announced online.

For this, an application must be submitted and recovery vaccination must be proven. The state will bear the costs, NDR announced.

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A nurse admitted that she had six syringes for crown vaccinations at the district’s vaccination centre, mostly filled with saline.

Police do not rule out that the woman may have had additional saline syringes.

To compensate for possible missing vaccinations, approximately 10,000 affected people should therefore be re-vaccinated as a precautionary measure.