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Germany vaccination, unvaccinated people facing strained rights and possible corona restrictions

Germany vaccination: The German government is debating over the restriction of unvaccinated people which might also mean tightening of restrictions, said Chancellery Minster Helge Braun.

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet is against this decision adding that he does not believe in compulsory vaccination and also putting pressure on people to get vaccinated.

Lasche does not believing in banning unvaccinated people from visiting the cinema and restaurants despite producing a negative corona test. Those who have been tested, have recovered or vaccinated are already exempt from restrictions and this is a rule that works.

“Freedom rights must apply to everyone if you don’t want to be vaccinated.”

As soon as all those willing to vaccinate had a vaccination offer and thus the opportunity to protect themselves, restrictions on fundamental rights can no longer be justified. Then ALL measures must fall for ALL. Those who do not get vaccinated have to bear the risk of infection themselves.

In Germany, vaccination is being offered for all and it guarantees one a covid pass that allows travel.

Source: BILD