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More goods to disappear from shelves in stores. Germans are already preparing for winter

German news. More products are disappearing from store shelves. People in Germany are afraid of the coming winter and possible problems with gas supplies. More products are disappearing from store shelves.

After oil, flour or toilet paper, Germany will begin to buy more goods and this might now be solely groceries. Fear of interruptions in gas supplies from Russia has caused panic among the inhabitants of Germany.

Despite the fact that people in Germany are in summer, they are already thinking about winter. This year, it is not windmills or air conditioners that are bought out because of the heatwaves in Germany . Currently , the bestsellers in stores are fan heaters, convector heaters and oil heaters.

Germany is also looking for these devices on the Internet

A greater demand for heating devices has also been noticed on the Internet. The analysis of the Ideal price comparison engine shows that inquiries about electric heaters in June this year. were more than four times higher than the year before.

Electric heating is three times more expensive

Heating with electrical appliances should really only be an emergency solution. It is convenient, but as experts point out, it is very, very expensive. This type of heating only makes sense if the gas is shut off completely and “emergency heat needs to be switched on” stresses energy expert Reinhard Loch of the consumer advice center in North Rhine-Westphalia. “But it’s not a long-term solution,” he notes. Electric heating is currently around three times more expensive than gas heating. And there is no indication that this will change.

Source: RND