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Germany to start vaccination process from 27th December

Germany is to start it’s onset of vaccination as soon as December 27th 2020. This announcement followed a meeting between Health Minister Jens Spahn and health officials from Germany’s 16 states as reported by DW.

Conservative politician Karin Maag was one of many to label the vaccine a “Wonderful Christmas present.”

Where to get vaccinated

Exhibition halls, concert halls, supermarket storage facilities, hotels and former refugee centers are among the 440 locations across the country where vaccinations will be administered. Indoor playgrounds and youth hostels are still to be made available.

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The German vaccine commission has drawn up a list of priorities detailing who gets the vaccine :  First in line, the elderly, patients with serious health conditions and medical staff. That’s a total of 8 million people.

Next are vital workers such as teachers or engineering staff in power plants.

The federal government will cover the cost of the vaccinations and will organize the central storage and transport of the vaccine — €2.7 billion ($3 billion) has been earmarked for this. The 16 federal states will be responsible for distribution to the vaccine centers.

Source: DW news