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Germany: The 49-Euro-Ticket may cost more than expected

Germany: The 49-Euro-Ticket may cost more than expected

German news. 49-Euro-Ticket to cost more. The long awaited Deutschlandticket is coming. Starting May 1, you will be able to travel around Germany with local transport for 49 euros. However, it may cost you more than originally expected.

According to the Federal Ministry of Transport Twitter page, “The Deutschlandticket is digital, valid throughout Germany, with an introductory price of €49 in a monthly, revocable subscription .”
Internet users were immediately drawn to the phrase “introductory price”. Is there a possibility of raises in the future?

A member of the Bundestag told IPPEN.MEDIA, “Minister Wissing has christened the €49 ticket ‘Deutschlandticket’ so that citizens won’t get used to the price. The ticket price is set to increase in the coming years.” According to him, 49 euros is already too much.

MEPs announce price increases

The CDU/CSU is also of key importance. Deputy head of the CDU/CSU faction, Ulrich Lange, spoke in the Bundestag about the “cheated ticket”. The original amount of 49 euros would soon be raised. Michael Donth (CDU) expressed a similar opinion, “It is already very clear in the federal states that they expect a price increase soon. Can we do it right now? NRW ministerial chairman Hendrik Wüst (CDU) predicted a week ago the price will go up.”

The SPD parliamentary group spoke of an “attractive introductory price” on request, but does not go into any price adjustments. Transport Minister Volker Wissing, praised the ticket as a “multi-talent” at the same time avoiding to ask about the cost.

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