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Germany, stores start to offer entry without COVID-19 tests in some federal states

Some stores in Germany are not testing for COVID-19 and you need no appointment to enter. This comes about with freedom to shop being introduced where the weekly incidence rate is below 50.

Since Wednesday, in Northwest Mecklenburg, the obligation to present the test result before entering the store has been abolished.

Germany is loosening restrictions

The epidemiological situation is improving through out Germany with many federal state heads debating the option to deactivate the ’emergency brake’. The brake had seen a blanket enforcing of lockdown restrictions across all the Lander in areas where th the incidences exceeded 100 per 100,000 inhabitants.

In several federal states the incidence rate has dropped to below 50 leading to such business such as the tourism and catering industry being revived.

Fully vaccinated and convalescent people can enjoy a number of privileges in Germany (Read: Coronavirus Germany, What vaccinated and recovered people have freedom to do), others can use hotels, restaurants and shops after testing negative.

However, with very low infection rates, this requirement is abolished. It is expected that in the coming weekend the obligation to test before going shopping will be lifted in other parts of Germany.