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Germany: Economy Minister raises warning level for gas supplies

Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck called on firms and individuals to try and reduce their energy consumption as much as possible as the minister raised the warning level for gas supplies.

This calls was made just as Germany tried to lessen its dependency on Russian gas.

German Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck. (picture courtesy of Facebook page)

Germany gas supply warning triggered by Economy Minister

DW reported that German Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor, Robert Habeck, on Wednesday triggered the early warning level for gas supplies as Moscow continues to demand to be paid in rubles.

The move serves as the first of three warning levels and entails the creation of a crisis team in his office to deal with sustainability of the country’s current gas supply.

Habeck said that Germany’s gas storage is currently filled to about 25% in capacity. He added that there are currently no supply shortages but Germany will still need to increase precautionary measures in order to be prepared in the event of an escalation on the part of Russia.

The Economy Minster called on all Germans to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible.

The three-stage emergency plan details ways to conserve gas, secure supplies and make sure households have adequate amounts of fuel.

Putin: ‘Hostile’ countries should pay for gas in rubles

Last week the Russian president had demanded that ‘unfriendly’ countries should pay for gas and gas products in Rubles.

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This declaration was assumed to take effect come Friday the 1st of April but he backed down. We wrote about it here: Putin backs down on plan to convert gas payments to rubles