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Germany: RKI reports again more than 22,000 new infections

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recorded 22,609 new corona infections within 24 hours on Thursday morning. This is a slight increase compared to the previous week: 21,866 new infections were registered last Thursday. In the past few days, the value had been below the 20,000 mark. The highest level was reached last Friday with 23,542 reported new infections.

The total number of new infections detected rose to 855,916 cases. According to the data, 251 more people died from or with the virus. The number of deaths thus rises to 13,370. The RKI estimates that around 562,700 people have now recovered.

According to the Robert Koch Institute situation report on Wednesday evening, the so-called seven-day R was 0.95 (previous day: 0.97). This means that 100 infected people theoretically infect 95 more people. The value represents the occurrence of the infection 8 to 16 days ago. If it is below 1 for a long time, the infection process subsides.