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Germany coronavirus: Ban on New Years Eve parties, restrictions on contacts from December 28

Germany plans to limit private New Year’s Eve parties to 10 people as it tightens covid restrictions in a bid to slow the spread of Omicron.

Germany to ban New Years Eve parties and beef up restrictions on contacts.

The new rules proposed will target the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike, though the government has ruled out a strict lockdown ahead of Christmas.

A draft proposal disclosed by the government showed that from December 28th, Berlin wants to close nightclubs and further reduce the number of people allowed at large events.

The draft also mentioned that the government would not be allowing private gatherings with those who are vaccinated or recovered from covid to be allowed to host 10 people.

Those who are immunised will still be able to visit.

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New Year’s Eve celebrations with a large number of people will be justified in the situation that;

  • Those who are unvaccinated can only mingle with a maximum of two other people.
  • Children under 14 would be excluded from the new rules.