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Germany prepares for stricter restrictions – resumption of border controls, suspension of public transport

Germany stricter restrictions: Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday evening, during a meeting of her party, the CDU, spoke out in favour of tightening the restrictions in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic throughout Germany. According to the AFP agency, citing a source who was present at the meeting, the head of the German government said that in order to control the virus it is necessary to introduce stricter restrictions.

According to the website of Der Spiegel and the daily Bild, the reintroduction of border controls similar to those carried out during the spring lockdown is on the list of Germany’s new stricter restrictions.

Moreover, the wearing of the FPP2 type mask would be compulsory throughout Germany. Public transport would be shut down and companies, apart from a few exceptions, would only work remotely.

At this stage, however, it is a list of working hypotheses that have not been discussed with federal state leaders. In Germany, it is the Länder that decide on health or public transport policy.

As reported by the media during the CDU meeting Angela Merkel has once again expressed concern over the British variant of the coronavirus, we wrote about it here>>.  .

While the epidemiological situation was well controlled by Germany during the first wave of the pandemic, this winter is the country with the highest number of new infections and deaths.

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The daily number of deaths in people with Covid-19 often exceeds a thousand, and the number of infections detected since the start of the pandemic has exceeded 2 million.

On Wednesday, concern about the emergence in Germany of new, more infectious mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was expressed by the Institute of Robert Koch in Berlin (RKI). 

New strains of the pathogen cause a rapid increase in infection. In addition to the British mutation , the  mutation of the South African coronavirus is also causing fear in Germany .  

In Germany, the country-wide quarantine has been extended until January 31st . All shops are closed all over the country, except for those selling food and basic necessities. Service establishments, bars and restaurants are closed. Most students study remotely. 

Meetings of members of one household with no more than one other person outside their home are allowed.

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In the states with the highest number of COVID-19 infections, it is forbidden to move more than 15 km from the place of residence without good reason, we wrote about it here>>>.

Some federal states introduce additional restrictions. For example, in Bavaria, FFP2 masks will have to be worn in shops and public transport from Monday, January 18. In addition, the quarantine rules for travellers from Germany from abroad have been tightened. In addition to presenting a COVID-19 test, you must undergo a 10-day quarantine.

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