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German criminal police investigate the causes of a roller coaster accident in Bavaria Legoland

Germany news. German police are investigating the cause of the accident in Legoland. Following a serious roller coaster accident at the Günzburg Legoland amusement park, in which 31 people were injured, the criminal police have opened an investigation.

On August 11, a terrible roller coaster accident occurred in the Bavarian amusement park Günzburg Legoland. 31 people were injured, including one seriously.

The rescue operation ended up taking some time because the safety barriers on the trains could not be opened immediately after the accident. Each car had a maximum of 20 seats and there were children on the train.

After the accident, the authorities closed the “Feuerdrache” roller coaster. The queue will be subjected to an examination. Only after its completion will a decision be made whether it can return to operation.

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The cause for the event has still not be clarified if its still a technical fault or a staff error. The tragic accident occurred as a result of a collision of two queues.

One of the trains braked sharply and several of its carriages were rammed by a train coming from behind. The commenced investigation is the normal procedure after such incident. We wrote more about it here: Germany: Legoland roller coaster accident, several people injured.

source: Bild