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Germany: Police find nearly 200 cat carcasses in weekend house

Police in Germany found nearly 200 cat carcasses in a weekend house in the Saarbrücken district of St. Arnual from a hut in the area of ​​“Am Großen Hohlweg” in an overgrown area deep in a forest.

Rescue workers at the site found 32 neglected cats and almost 200 carcasses said Bild. A witness called the police around 11:18 a.m on a Sunday.

The fire brigade and police moved out and could not believe their eyes when they arrived on site: there were more than 30 cats in the weekend house, some of them neglected and in poor condition.

Even more frightening news was that around 200 cat carcasses were stored in around 50 bags on the site. Obviously remains of illegal breeding!

Experts from the Animal Welfare Association and the Bertha Bruch animal shelter in Saarbrücken arrived with several vehicles and dozens of cat baskets added Bild.

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The Saarbrücken professional fire brigade also sent experts and a special animal rescue vehicle.

32 cats were captured. The surviving animals were carefully placed one by one in the basket and transported away. After an examination by the vet, it should be decided where the four-legged friends will be housed.

The police have started investigations against the 73-year-old owner of the gazebo for violating the Animal Welfare Act.