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Germany orders lockdown in Bavaria. Borders could be closed again

Due to the increasing number of infections, a lockdown was introduced in the Berchtesgaden district of Bavaria. From 2 p.m. the entire county will be closed! The state authorities do not rule out closing the borders again.

Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria on October 20 at 14:00 was completely closed. The introduction of lockdown is caused by the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus infections. The infection rate in the county is 272.8 per 100 thousand inhabitants and is the highest in Germany.

What are the restrictions?

Residents may only go out in urgent and justified cases, e.g. going to work and shopping. You can also leave the apartment to get some fresh air, but only alone or in the company of family members with whom you live in the same apartment. 

Schools, kindergartens, restaurants and other leisure facilities have closed and all events have been cancelled. Hotels will not be able to accept guests, except for business travellers.

It is also forbidden to organise any events, as well as private celebrations. Visits to clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and nursing homes are completely forbidden. 

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These restrictions will be in place for the time being for the next two weeks.

Bavaria does not rule out closing borders again

Joachim Herrmann – Bavaria’s interior minister informed that the introduction of border controls is being considered. At the same time, he pointed to the possible escape of the coronavirus out of control in countries bordering Germany. 

In the case of Bavaria, this applies to Austria and the Czech Republic, from which many employees find employment in this state come from, according to the information service.

However, State Secretary in the federal Interior Ministry Stephan Mayer is against it. According to him, the current situation is different compared to that of March this year.