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Germany, no return to normality after lockdown without vaccine

Germany will have to bear the consequences of coronavirus pandemic for a long as the virus continues to pose a serious danger to public health. The people in Germany have therefore been urged to continue to comply with the anti-coronavirus recommendations.

Lars Schaade, Vice President of Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German disease and epidemic control center appealed to all the people living in Germany to continue to comply with the anti-coronavirus recommendations. “The virus is not gone,” Schaade said.

He made it clear that without a vaccine there would be no return to normality, German News Agency DPA reported.

Schaade noted that Germany was making good progress in fighting against the virus. He however said the situation was still serious.

He reminded all the people in Germany to continue observing the recommendations such as staying at home as much as possible, keeping a distance of at least 1.5 metres, sneezing or coughing in the crook of one’s arm, and additionally wearing a mask over mouth and nose, for example in shops or on public Transport, DPA reported.

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