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Germany: Merkel announces new rules after meeting with Länder, federal state authorities.

Angela Merkel announced new coronavirus rules at the press conference, held with Markus Söder, Prime Minister of Bavaria, following opposition from the Länder, federal state authorities.

During today’s video conference with Angela Merkel, the prime ministers of the German federal states today vetoed most of the changes proposed by the federal government.

The chairmen of federal state authorities were furious with the office of the head of government. They believed that it was absurd to prepare a project to introduce new, more stringent anti-Covid restrictions without prior consultation with them. 

The federal states did not agree to limit meetings in public places to members of one household and a maximum of two from another household. They also did not accept the proposal to reduce all school classes by half and to limit the contacts of children and teenagers to meeting only one friend or a friend. The German federal states also strongly criticized the idea of ​​granting sick leave. Angela Merkel’s government wants all people with cold symptoms to immediately go into quarantine for 5 to 7 days. The head of the employers’ association, Ingo Kramer, believes that such a law could paralyze the activities of all companies in Germany.“I hope you realize that at this time of the year everyone has a runny nose and other slight cold symptoms,” he told Merkel.

As the dpa agency informs, during this afternoon, i.e. from 2 p.m., when the German Chancellor’s meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states began, the content of the new regulation to be announced has already been changed three times. From the amendments made so far it appears that what was to become an obligation will probably only be a recommendation. It is not yet known when the final version of the new anti-covid regulations will be ready.