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Germany: Massive explosion in Leverkusen. Residents asked not to leave the buildings, one death reported

In Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, there was a massive explosion, in which at least one person was killed and 31 seriously injured. 4 people are missing. There is an “Extreme Danger” alert in and around the city. The huge black cloud that has formed as a result of the explosion may contain highly toxic substances. More information in the report below:

17:00 In the afternoon, the fire brigade informed that as a result of a powerful explosion and fire in Currenta’s factory, one worker was killed and 31 injured. Five of them are considered seriously injured and receive intensive care. Four employees are still missing.

15:10 The fire department and Currenta continue to warn of a cloud of smoke. The release of toxins cannot be excluded. Construction manager Lars Friedrich from Currenta reported that solvents and other potentially toxic have ignited as a result of the explosion. Accurate analyzes are not yet available, so residents should stay indoors and keep their windows and doors closed.

15:00 The journal “Bild” has published a list of chemicals that are stored or utilized in Currenta’s plants.

  • Toxic and organic waste
  • Solid, pasty and liquid production residues
  • ︎Incompatible, reactive liquids
  • ︎Distillation residues, immiscible, halogenated
  • liwe Hot melt adhesives
  • ︎Silane and phosphorus
  • wastes ︎ Insecticides, pesticides
  • ︎Waste with PCBs, asbestos, persistent organic pollutants (POP)

14:50 As reported by the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis control center, the black cloud is approaching Burscheid and Wermelskirchen . Also in these cities, residents should keep their doors and windows closed! The siren has already been set in motion in Solingen, and the smoke can even be smelled around Wuppertal. A public hotline has been launched, which can be contacted by calling: 0214-2605 99333

14:00 One person died as a result of the explosion. It is an employee of Currenta. The man was one of the missing people after today’s blast. The search for the remaining four people is currently underway.

13:20 So far, 16 injured people have been rescued, including four seriously. The search for five people is still ongoing.

12:23 WDR TV reports that the fuel tanks caught fire. The fire brigade conducts firefighting and rescue operations. The concentration of harmful substances in the air is also measured.

12:15  The Leverkusen-West motorway junction has been completely closed – the police are reporting. The A1 motorway was also closed in both directions between AK Leverkusen and Cologne-North.

12:04 The  German media is reporting smoke puffs at the Bayer chemical and pharmaceutical plant. The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief has classified the incident under the warning level “extreme threat”.
According to police information, several people were injured as a result of the explosion, it is said that there are at least two seriously injured and five missing employees.

10:50 As reported by, just before 10:00 am there was an explosion in the waste incineration plant
Leverkusen-Bürrig. The public utility Leverkusen Currenta has confirmed that an explosion has occurred on their premises. The NINA app (nationwide warning app) also worked as a result of the explosion. There are dozens of companies from the chemical industry in the Chempark chemical and industrial park. Chempark is associated with the Bayer chemical and pharmaceutical concern.

Residents are asked not to leave the buildings and close all windows and doors.