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Germany: German Foreign Ministry extends travel warning in Germany to 160 countries

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the German government extended the travel warning in Germany against travel to over 160 countries outside the European Union until September 14. 

The travel warning to EU member states plus the UK, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican and Turkey was lifted in June, but due to the significant increase in COVID-19, Germany warns tourists against travelling to areas in Europe considered unsafe.

Spain, with the exception of the Canary Islands, Brussels, Paris, part of the French Mediterranean coast and parts of regions in Romania and Bulgaria were covered by the alert.

A warning against traveling to the indicated countries or regions, issued by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, does not prohibit trips to them, but allows for free cancellation of previously booked reservations.

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The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasises that people travelling to countries covered by the warnings must take into account not only the epidemiological risk, but also the difficulty of returning to their home country due to the reduction or complete suspension of air connections.

Source: Polskiobserwator,