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Germany: decision made to abolish free test passes

Germany: According to BILD, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of the federal states reached an agreement on the summit during the meeting on Tuesday 10th August 2021.

As predicted by the media, unvaccinated people who do not have the status of convalescents will soon have to pay dearly for participation in social life.

According to the Daily, during the meeting held today, the head of the federal government and the prime ministers of the Federal states adopted a new bill which provides for:

► compulsory coronavirus test by entering closed facilities in all areas where the seven-day infection rate will exceed 35.

The new regulations are to enter into force “from 23 August 2021 at the latest” and apply to all people who are not fully vaccinated, nor those that have recovered.

Tests will be required at the entrance to places such as : bars, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hairdressing salons, gyms, sports clubs, theatres, concert halls, museums.

 free citizenship tests will be abolished from October 11th. This means that after this date, unvaccinated people will have to pay for the test out of their own pocket.

Tests will only be reimbursed for people who cannot be vaccinated now, e.g. children under 12 and pregnant women.

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