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Germany: Essen vaccination centre to host 2,000 people per day. Could be a 12 hour operation

Germany vaccination centres: Around 2000 people per day are to be “treated” in the planned vaccination centre at Messe Essen. A twelve-hour operation is planned.

The vaccination center planned at Messe Essen should be able to immunize around 2000 people a day when it is completed. Mathematically, up to nine so-called vaccination streets are required on Norbertstraße, which should be open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The NRW Ministry of Health has given the municipalities these specifications for an immunisation operation under “full load” in a first “sketch of the vaccination organisation in North Rhine-Westphalia”, which is available to this newspaper.

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The recommendation therefore applies to all cities and districts: A so-called vaccination road should be kept for every 70,000 inhabitants, which guarantees a smooth process: from registration and authorisation checks to the registration of personal data, information about and checking health risks for vaccination approval, which must be meticulously documented.

Regardless of whether it is the “Biontech” product that needs to be cooled to minus 70 degrees Celsius, which has to be prepared in so-called “sterile manufacturing” pharmacies, or that of “AstraZeneca”: According to the Ministry of Health, these two vaccines must be administered twice – Which of course means double the effort in each individual case and lengthens the way to the goal.

That’s why there are already simulation games in the city on how the specifications for a second vaccination within 14 or 21 to 28 days should best be processed.