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Germany enters strict lockdown as Coronavirus kills almost 1000 in a day

Coronavirus on Wednesday claimed 952 lives in Germany, the country’s highest daily death toll since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The previous record, set less than one week ago, was 598, Germany’s Robert Koch Institute reported. A total of 27,728 new infections were recorded in the country, as very strict lockdown measures enter into force.

Schools in Germany have been closed as well as most shops in effect to the strict lockdown. So far coronavirus has killed 23,427 in Germany. Robert Koch Institute (RKI) records show that since the beginning of the pandemic 1,379,238 have been infected and over 1 million have recovered.


Under the lockdown measures in Germany, the following services may remain open.

Grocery stores; Weekly markets; Pick-up and delivery services, Shops selling drinks, health foods, baby-related goods, medical supplies, and pet and animal supplies; Chemists, pharmacies, and drug stores; Opticians and hearing care services; Gas stations; Banks; Post offices; Laundromats; Newspaper stands; Christmas tree vendors; and Wholesalers.

Janosch Dahmen, member of the German parliament for the Green Party and a licensed doctor, told DW that while Germany had got through the first wave of the pandemic with relative success, it had failed to take necessary measures during the summer in preparation, leading to the high numbers seen in recent weeks, hence the enforcing of the strict lockdown measures.

“I think we were kind of a champion in the first wave in spring, but we [failed] in the summer to take … strict measures to protect vulnerable groups and to prepare for the winter season. And now we are behind and things are really serious, especially in care homes and places where elderly people live where the death rates are going up every day,” Dahmen told DW.