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Germany: ‘Doctor’ at vaccination centre arrested. He wasn’t a doctor, nor is he a graduate in medicine

Germany: The coordinator of the vaccination centre has been arrested. The man who posed as a medical doctor, is not even a graduate in medicine.

The coordinator of the Covid-19 vaccination center in Hagen in the west of Germany and the purported “specialist in psychiatry and emergency medicine” recommended by the Red Cross proved to be a fraud. 

The man is not even a graduate in medicine, and he is not even a doctor! The 32-year-old swindler was arrested three days ago. As the investigation showed, he has dozens of scams to his credit.

Ozan K. (32) worked in a vaccination centre in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia) with forged documents as a specialist in psychiatry and emergency medicine, reports “Bild”. On behalf of the Red Cross, he has been working for the city in the fight against the pandemic since mid-2020. Previously, from 2019, he worked as a “district doctor”. According to the information that “Bild” has obtained, there are currently two indictments against him with over 40 counts.

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 He is accused of commercial scams, abuse of titles and positions, and falsification of documents. The damage caused by Ozan K. is estimated at nearly 300,000. euro. He was arrested on Monday 18 January

“Ozan K.’s life has been based on lies and deceptions for years,” writes Bild. On his home computer , using Photoshop, he forged, among others, the ruling of the administrative court in Düsseldorf and thus extorted himself a loan of EUR 100,000 ”- we read on the pages of the German daily.

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Ozan K. is a German citizen with Turkish and Kurdish roots. During the coronavirus pandemic, using false diplomas and certificates, he made a meteoric career in the German health service. In December, as a supposed “specialist in psychiatry and emergency medicine” with a doctorate, he became the coordinator of the vaccination center in Hagen.

According to “Bild” the District Red Cross Society is shocked by the case. “Mr. K. has been an honorary member of our local association since 2019. We were very pleased with it, we had no reason not to trust it, ”reads DRC’s internal circular made available to“ Bild ”). In the meantime, however, the consequences were pulled: “We parted ways with him,” said DRC management spokesman Udo Stroh.

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