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Germany coronavirus restrictions: “Hospitals are full, mortality is rising”; Germany is planning further restrictions

Germany coronavirus restrictions: The government and the federal states are preparing German citizens to extend the partial blockade that has been in progress since November 2 – and a tightening of the regulations related to the pandemic is also expected. Exceptions to the rule can be expected at Christmas, ARD TV reported on Monday.

In view of the persistently high number of coronavirus infections, Germany must be prepared to extend the partial blockade to December.

“There is no prospect of loosening,” said Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soeder on the air of ARD. The partial blockade of the country in November took effect, the number of infections has stabilised, but “hospitals are full, the death rate is increasing.”

Speaking about the meeting of the national government with the heads of the federal states scheduled for next Wednesday, Soeder said: “We will certainly propose an extension or deepening of the blockade.” In addition to further restrictions on contacts, the topic of schools should also be discussed. “The school is unfortunately one of the sources of infection,” says the Bavarian prime minister.

Germany coronavirus restrictions: The authorities are considering further restrictions

Countries want to extend the existing restrictions to December and tighten them in some places. This results from the draft resolution received by ARD and which forms the basis of talks between the leaders of the federal states and Chancellor Merkel.

From 1 December, a maximum of five people from two households should be allowed to attend private meetings. In principle, children up to the age of 14 should be exempt. Exceptions apply to Christmas. Then members of more than two households should be able to meet. Here, too, the upper limit of five or ten people (over 14) is to apply.

It is recommended that you “quarantine yourself at home for a few days if possible” before and after the holidays.

The draft also stipulates the tightening of the mask requirement: “Every person must wear a face mask in closed rooms that are accessible to the public or accessible to visitors or clients.” “In addition, you should wear mouth and nose protectors also in public places outdoors”.

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According to the draft, the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, which have been in force since November 2, should be extended at least until December 20. The tightening is to apply from December 1 to January 17.

Merkel and the 16 federal prime ministers will meet next Wednesday to agree on a concept to fight the coronavirus by the end of the year. The countries responsible for introducing the restrictions have insisted on presenting their own proposals this time.

Merkel had insisted on a tougher course during last week’s consultations, given the persistently high number of infections, but no agreements were reached at the time.
From Berlin Berenika Lemańczyk