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Berlin: BVG offers free tickets, when are they available and for how long?

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Passengers hoping to use the trains or buses in Germany could end up with the free Berlin ticket by BVG.

The senate is planning on introducing a free BVG ticket that is intended to supplement the nine-euro tickets as a second offer. Here’s how long it will be available and which dates:

Berlin wants to offer bus and train travel free of charge for old and new subscribers in the months of June, July and August said a spokesman for the transport administration to the Berliner Zeitung.

The plans are well advanced and are being discussed but nothing has been decided yet. According to the plans of the federal government, monthly tickets for local and long-distance transport should actually cost nine euros each in the three-month period. Berlin now wants to go one step further – and offer the tickets free of charge.


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The disclaimer is that the Berlin free ticket is only intended for the AB area. This is because Brandenburg does not want to go along with it. It is therefore only valid in the capital, unlike the nine-euro ticket, which should be valid throughout Germany.

Existing Berlin subscribers will be rewarded with three free months. The second consideration: Only new customers who also take out an annual subscription will receive the 0-euro ticket for the first three months of their new subscription.

This could be how BVG and S-Bahn want to attract customers.