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Germany: Asphalt roller crashes 4-year-old child to death

Asphalt roller crashes 4-year-old child to death

German news. Asphalt roller crashes 4-year-old child in germany. A terrible scene took place on Monday at a construction site in lower Saxony, Germany where a 4-year-old was was run over by a asphalt roller and killed in front of his father.

According to police, the child together with his seven-year-old brother, were riding their bikes while their father jogged behind. The older brother was first to cross the construction site, and his younger brother wanted to follow him.

The child was hit by the reversing asphalt roller and died at the scene of the accident. All those involved in the accident, including the 57-year-old driver of the roller, received pastoral care.

Investigations into exactly how the accident happened are underway, with an expert to reconstruct the accident.

this is the bike the 4-year-old was riding before the asphalt roller killed him.

Source: BILD