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Germany announces new migration rules for Nigerians

Germany has announced new migration conditions for Nigerians aimed at addressing irregular migration, has reported.

During a recent trip to Abuja, Minister of State of German Federal Chancellery, Mrs Annette Widmann-Mauz, said: “We have to inform people before they leave their country of origin, in this case, Nigeria; to inform them about the legal regular pact of migration, especially over our Skills Migration Act.

“We want to make very clear conditions are set by the new law and we will like to support them in fulfilling these criteria. We will like to give advice and inform, but more than that, we will also like to offer language courses and training.

“Therefore, we have centres of information and advice, which will enhance the qualification, especially for the labour market.”

Ms Widmann-Mauz who held a meeting with the Federal Commissioner for Refugees, Migrants and IDPs, Mr Basheer Mohammed, added: “We will not only like to give information about the criteria for legal migration but at the same time make clear if they are some wrong expectations about migration to Germany.”

The German government will help Nigerians understand the risks of illegal migration and support them avoid going for that dangerous option.

Mohammed thanked the German government for the partnership which he said support their efforts to tackle migration issues, reported. “This migration policy of the commission is working at a high level; this success can be attributed to President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to tackling the issue of migration.

“This engagement has been a success and I am sure it will yield the right result, especially towards addressing the issue of regular and irregular migration,” he said.