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Germany: Angela Merkel is planning to relax contact restrictions for Christmas. Meetings with family and friends will be possible, up to 10 people

Wednesday 25 November 2020. Angela Merkel is talking with federal state leaders about further steps to be taken to combat the epidemic.

Everyone agrees that the number of infections needs to be reduced.

The federal states have already drafted a joint resolution, but Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced her own proposals.

A press conference with Angela Merkel, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder and Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller is expected late Wednesday afternoon.


According to preliminary information obtained by the DPA agency, it was decided that the strict contact restrictions to limit the pandemic will be relaxed for Christmas. Confirmation from the federal government and the final resolution of the measures are still pending.

Meetings “with close family or friends” should be possible from December 23, up to a maximum of 10 people in total. Children up to 14 years old in the family are exempt, not included in this calculation. According to information from participants, the exemption should apply “at the latest” until 1 January.

New Year’s Eve

It is not clear whether the relaxed rules will be applied on New Year’s Eve. 

There was talk of fireworks, which should be banned in “crowded streets and squares”. However, the ban will probably not be as harsh as it seems: contrary to what the SPD-led Lands demand, there will probably be no general ban on the sale of firecrackers and fireworks. Consequently, it is possible to allow “targeted fireworks in a small group”, as NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) has called for.

Shopping Malls

Another initial agreement between the chancellery and the federal states seems to have been established: there will be an upcoming restriction on the maximum number of visitors in shopping malls. 

The chancellor and prime ministers agreed on the “20 square meters” rule per client. The chancellery proposed a limit of 25 square meters per customer before the summit – this would have led to a lower limit for the number of visitors. In smaller stores, the general rule of 10 square meters per customer will continue to apply.

Shortly before Wednesday’s Coronavirus summit, there were dramatic scenes in front of the Berlin Chancellery. On Wednesday morning, a car entered the gate of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

Source: Ziarul Romanesc